UDHH 04.16.2014

The DJ: JB1

How do I start this? I’ve watched this brother grow from being a friend of my brother’s to a well known DJ/Promoter/Producer.


DJ JB1..pic by Trinity Everfor

UDHH: How long have you been DJing?

DJJB1: 19 Years

UDHH: When do you DJ? Where?

DJJB1:  Different places.Private gigs , mostly.Some clubs on and off, but no weekly spots, right now.

UDHH: Who do you rep?

DJJB1: Built for This Ent.

UDHH: What’s a typical day like for you?

DJJB1: I’m a social worker by day for a day care.I spend time with my lil’ ones and work on my Ent. bizz

UDHH: Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you get them?

DJJB1: Yes, I do. I’m actually behind, That’s my main focus , right now.I’m finishing up my mix tapes. My Bloody Bridge series was poppin’ back in 2001 to 2006! It featured local artists. When they’re done I will have them locally and online at iamhiphopculture.com.

UDHH:  What do you like about DJing?

DJJB1: Controlling the crowd and playing music. All kinds of music! It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

UDHH: What do you dislike about DJing?

DJJB1: Not much.Trying to please everyone, which is impossible. Can’t please them all!

UDHH:  What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?

DJJB1: Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) and Versace( Migos f/ Drake)

UDHH: Being a CT DJ, what are your opinions on the current state of Hip Hop out there?

DJJB1:  It’s open right now, so it’s good for us.We just need the right sound and we can get on.It’s gonna get there.I have faith! I feel like I might have to be the one.

UDHH: Who are YOUR inspirations as a DJ?

DJJB1:  Red Alert, Kid Capri and Primo (DJ Premier)

UDHH: Any shout outs?

DJJB1:  My Bridgeport fam and my whole ‘hood!

UDHH:  Any mentors?

DJJB1:  DJ Kel Mel Prevail and DJ Poc

UDHH: Do you do anything else with your time? Any other endeavors?

DJJB1:  Being a Father, working on my Ent. company, resurrecting my Ent. business to label status to put out good, quality music. I’ve been doing beats and working in the studio since 1995, starting with my crew , Infinite Dialectz, which was a part of UdF (Undadog Family). I just want to do it right, this time, it’s been a long time coming…

The Bboy

More from my Ace, Curtis.Zuluuuu!

The MC

No Grad….still looking for suggestions!

See you next week!

UDHH 04.09.2014

The DJ

DJ Mordecai


Undadoghiphop DJ Mordecai

DJ Mordecai

UDHH:  How long have you been DJing?

DJ Mordecai: Since 1999. almost 15 years

UDHH:  When do you DJ? Where?

DJ Mordecai: Currently we do a monthly boogie funk dance party at Balliceaux in Richmond, Virginia. As well as various other venues for one-off events in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Washington,D.C.

UDHH: Who do you rep?

DJ Mordecai: Crate Invaders, RadioActive Cardboard, HBR

UDHH:  What’s a typical day like for you?

DJ Mordecai: 9-5 grind then work on mixes and music when I find time.

UDHH:  Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you get them?

DJ Mordecai:  Most of my mixes are here: http://www.mixcloud.com/djmordecai/ or and/or here: http://djmordecai.com/

UDHH:  What do you like about DJing?

DJ Mordecai:  I like getting people to dance and have a good time. Rockin’ a party, getting a good reaction, exposing people to new/different music or putting shine on forgotten artists/music.

UDHH:  What do you dislike about DJing?

DJ Mordecai: Pushy requests, drunk people

UDHH:  What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?

DJ Mordecai: New Jazz Addixx album (“Tomorrow’s Yesterday”), Oxygen, ohbliv, Flying Ginzu Brothers, Profound79, DJ Harrison, DeRobert & The Half-Truths

UDHH:  Being a DJ, what are your opinions on the current state of Hip Hop out where you are?

DJ Mordecai: Too many rappers, not enough quality albums/releases. Some folks like The Bum Rush Radio Show, Nickelus F, Antagonist Dragonspit and Photosynthesizers are doin’ it right though.

UDHH:  Who are YOUR inspirations as a DJ?

DJ Mordecai: Jazzy Jeff, J-Rocc, DJ Day, Skeme Richards, Mercury, Disko Dave, DJ Ragz

UDHH:  Any mentors?

DJ Mordecai: DJ Barnacles, DJ Ragz, DJ Sayeed, DJ Skruff, DJ Ghozt, Hurley, DJ Geometrix, DJ Phenom

UDHH:  Do you do anything else with your time? Any other endeavors?

DJ Mordecai: Beats: https://soundcloud.com/djmordecai ,DJ b-boy battles, graphic design,and  record digging

UDHH:  Any shout outs?

DJ Mordecai: My fiance, all friends, fans and family.


The BBoy

Big shout to my Ahki for putting me on to this battle..



The MC

In my search for material/content, I ran into a couple dudes that I work with doing their thing. A crew called EMP, consisting of Skeme, Kid P, and So Nice. Check out the video:



…an interview is in the works…

In my haste to get this out..I didn’t include Graf..sorry..Any suggestions?


New Dance Craze ‘Bronx Whine’ Takes Over New York [VIDEO]


I miss the EAST COAST!

Originally posted on News One:

Bronx Whine

New York has always been a haven of creativity, as Hip-Hop culture and street art helped to define the undeniable lure of the city in that regard. Dancing is a part of that expression, too, and a new dance craze bolstered by a smash song from a Dominican-American rapper called the “Bronx Whine” is taking over the city.

SEE ALSO: The Health Danger Of Daylight Saving Time

BB Bronx (pictured), also known as 16-year-old Carlos Almonte, has a smash hit on his hands with the “Bronx Whine” single featuring Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Farruko. Almonte, who was born in the Dominican Republic, moved to the Bronx when he was 12 years old and rose quickly as a rapper after garnering fame with a YouTube freestyle in 2010.

As BB Bronx, Almonte raps in a Spanglish style with his latest track taking on a decidedly Caribbean flavor…

View original 163 more words


The DJ: Qbert



MC : URL(Ultimate Rap League)

Short and Sweet…Stay tuned!

LL Cool J Tells Kanye West To “Stop Complaining” on Arsenio Hall Show (VIDEO)


Tell’em , Uncle L!

Originally posted on AllHipHop.com:

(AllHipHop News) If there is anything there is anything a near 30 year music career gives you is a respected opinion on others in your field. LL Cool J  used his to give Kanye West some direct advice on last night’s episode of  The Arsenio Hall Show .

After praising newcomers such as Kid Ink, Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar on their recent efforts, the man Arsenio considers the Greatest of All Time had some critical comments about Kanye West’s recent rants and interviews. On his first appearance on the show in 25 years, LL said he liked Kanye West, “when he’s not complaining.” Then later remarking, “I love man, but stop complaining.”

Check out LL’s appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, including a funny story involving LL Cool J, Michael Jackson, a piano and an Indian shaman below:

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Interview with DJ JRoc (of ROCDABLOC)

The DJ: DJ J Roc

I’ve known this brother for a long time. This guy would team up with  DJ Chance and rock The Legion (Bridgeport, CT). The Legion was actually a hall that was/is  in the downtown area of  Bridgeport, CT near a section called , by the locals, Cardboard City (The CC). Chance would do most spinning while J Roc would give shouts, talk shit to party goers, basically MC ( move the Crowd).What made him known was not only his MCing AND his DJing, but the shit he would talk when the party’s over. He was the first person I ever heard say, ” You ain’t gotta go home, but you got to get the hell out of here!” The duo are legendary.

Fast forward through several parties in different locales and we land on a time I got to be a part of the clan he was rolling with –  Rally ‘Round the Flag Productions.You may have heard of them from my post on J Wils. Anyway, he was a DJ and MC in the crew.He was one of the pretty boys, I was with grimy sect of the clan (in terms of look and dress).we rolled deep to clubs and gained fame and notoriety all at the same time in good ol’ BPT (big shout to E.S., tattoo artist who repped BPT in Inkmasters Season 3).

After a while of rolling with them , I went and started UdF( the Undadog Family).J Roc also started to branch out and make a bigger name for himself.To date he rocks clubs throughout Connecticut and remains one of the “go to ” DJs in CT.

I caught up with him, and this is what he had to say:

DJ J Roc !!

DJ J Roc !!

UDHH: How long have you been DJing?
DJ JROC: Well as you know, but others may not, I started out MCing back in like 83-84 . Then after seeing my DJ getting all this money for gigs….I switched over to DJing and it’s been over 25 years.
UDHH: When do you DJ? Where?
DJ JROC: I DJ whenever they book me, which thank God has been often as of late. My constant gigs are Vandome (NewHaven) on Saturdays…been there 5 years. I do Venturas on Fridays (BPT). And every other Thursday I switch between Sazon y Mambo & M.White Lounge (BPT)…in between all that I still do a lot of mobile gigs like weddings, birthdays, etc.
UDHH: Who do you rep?
DJ JROC: First and foremost I rep ROCDABLOC BPT, CT!! I also rep several teams who I network with: CT Blend Kingz, Super Smash Brothers, #TEAMNOSLEEPCT, remix rockstarrs and soon to come I’ll be a member of The Blend Gods
UDHH: Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you
get them?
DJ JROC: I’m not really a mix tape DJ…I like live performances. The crowd moves me whether it’s 5-500 people. I do have blends that I post on my soundcloud & mixcloud pages that are free to download. [soundcloud.com/rocdabloc & mixcloud.com/rocdabloc]
UDHH: What do you like about DJing?
DJ JROC: I like to move the crowd. I love controlling the crowd and getting them moving with what I play or say. Especially when I got them singing or rapping to the words. That’s a rush for me!
UDHH: What do you dislike about DJing?
DJ JROC: Ending the night….especially here in CT cause clubs close so damn early.
UDHH: What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?
DJ JROC: As far as music…I’m getting a big response from old school. The newer stuff gets love, but not like old school. My major following is between the ages of 25-40 and is a pretty big and diverse audience. I also spin a lot of latin music (reggaeton, bachata, merengue, salsa) in my set where the crowd is really mixed.
UDHH: Being a CT DJ, what are your opinions on the current state of Hip
Hop out there?
DJ JROC: There are very few MCs out here getting heard and even fewer with the drive to really make it happen. It doesn’t help that they’re not making a lot of joints that can get played in the clubs with out getting the side eye from club owners so it’s hard as a DJ to support them.
UDHH: Who are YOUR inspirations as a DJ?
DJ JROC: So many….first and foremost DJ Chance who literally got me started DJing when he was my DJ. White Flash, Kid Capri, Billy Bush, Funk Flex, Jazzy Jeff, Mister Cee, Ron G, Craig G, BiggMann, KG, Cocoa Chanelle, Jazzy Joyce….a few others new and old. I’m inspired by ALL great DJs.
UDHH: Any shout outs?
DJ JROC: God for allowing me to do this for so long and make a living at it. My family for supporting me. All the people that ROC out with me at my gigs. (You know who you are.)
UDHH: Do you do anything else with your time? Any other endeavors?
DJ JROC: I also sing and I’m getting into karaoke DJing which is what I do every other Thursday at M.White Lounge in Bridgeport. I also produce beats and still can drop a hot verse. Don’t sleep the old dude!
DJ J Roc Roc'in !!

DJ J Roc Roc’in !!

Follow DJ J-Roc [ROCDABLOC ENT.] on Mixcloud

Thanks, J Roc! always a pleasure…That’s my “mans”, right there!

The MC: Ashon

MC Ashon pic

Ashon, y’all!

I came across this brother on YouTube looking for content to share with you.

The amazing shit to me was he was working on a full album in ONE DAY! He was video recording the experience. I thought that was something to talk about! I reached out and got a lot more than I bargained for! Here we go:

UDHH: What got you rapping?

Ashon: Couple of answers to that. Real shit I could give 3 different reasons, and i don’t know which is the best to give. The first reason, actually my mother used to buy me vinyl singles when I was around six years years old. The first vinyl she bought me was Doug E fresh and Slick Rick “the show”. And I don’t even know why , cuz I was too young too even know to ask for them but that’s what had first exposed me to hip hop. 

Its crazy cuz than when I was 9 there was a girl I used like from class, I had wanted to go with her an shit. She had said no, straight rejected me and I figured the best way to get her back was to write a rap about her. So I wrote a rap to get back at her, like a diss rap. I never spit it to her or nothing but it just made me feel better that I played her.

From there, It was like every time I was outside I would see the drug dealer niggaz and they was always dressing like the rappers from tv and shit and I always felt like they was imitating these dudes so I always felt like instead of trying to be like the drug dealers I would try to be like the dudes they was looking up to. That’s what got me into into rapping.


UDHH: Why did you join the big game (Rap)?

Ashon: That’s kinda like the same answer. I love music and I was trying to get money. And that’s real, I love this music shit but of course we all tryna get this money.

UDHH: What’s the scene like in CT?

Ashon: This shit hell. But at the same time we do got some good shit out here, it ain’t all bad. Its just saturated with envy. Crabs in a bucket. but lately a scene is forming that seems like it has potential to go somewhere. Starting to feel like we next in line. I am for the first time in years starting to feel like we as a state are creating a sound. And that’s wassup.

UDHH: Who do you look up to in Life? Rap?

Ashon: Who do I look up to in life? you know , i cant really say i look up to anyone in life. There’s certain people out here that I look up to their success or what they accomplished in life. 

Rap? i don’t feel like i look up to anybody in rap. That kinda like the same way I feel about the first part, i appreciate they accomplishments and what certain people brought to the game. 

UDHH: Name projects you’ve been involved with (Past, Present, Future)

Ashon: First shit I was ever on was the Caught on Tape album. Since than I been doing the solo thing, I dropped Center Stage in the hood in 09. And dropped two official albums this year. The “Death by stereo Lp” in April, and Liquid: The Diamond Dream in September. Both of those available for sale online right now. Far as the future we working on a third album right now we tryna drop by new years.

UDHH: Who would you like to work with?

Ashon: Wow. Its a couple people out here in the industry I would def like to make big records with. Shit, Kendrick and Nas the first names that come to mind. Those is dudes I would like to see how my skills match up with.

UDHH: Who do you rep?

Ashon: I rep myself.

UDHH: What do you rep?

Ashon: I’m from New Haven. I rep that.

UDHH: Who does your beats?

Ashon: Athagod 888.

UDHH: What do you like to Rap about?

Ashon: I like to rap about life. I like to rap about what I see forthcoming in my life in the future, than my past life situations and things I seen for myself and through other people.

UDHH: What do you like about the Rap game?

Ashon: What I do like about the rap game is its going back in the direction of actually rapping and spitting bars and shit.  We starting to bring creativity again.

UDHH: What don’t you like about the Rap game?

Ashon: What i don’t like about the rap game? its almost like a contradiction cuz as much as i like the creativity and spitting bars that’s going on right now its allot of music out there that’s soulless, plastic shit.


Full Album Stream :


Liquid Album : Front

Liquid Album : Front

YouTube: (In studio, Making of “Liquid: The Diamond Dream”)
Artist: Follow Ashon: @ashon203
Producer: Follow Athagod 888: @athagod_860


Here is a clip one of my boy’s Curtis ( BOMD) and his crew battling. He’s the brother with the BOMD shirt doing all the acrobatic moves (around 2:30 on the clip).I’m looking to get even better footage and write ups with the BBoy section.
Bear with me…and watch this:

Graf Writing

I love documentaries! I’m sure that you Graf heads will enjoy this one:

That’s it for this week…See you next Wednesday!

New Video: Termanology x N.O.R.E. “Judo”


Big shout to Rap Radar for this one!

Originally posted on Rap Radar:

From outside the bodega to inside the dojo, Term and N.O. bring forth their new video in support of Termanology’s next project, GOYA. Mixtape drops October 8.

View original

Interview with DJ Mix-He-Can

Hip Hop Production:Garf Richards

This is a brother out in the UK that I met on Twitter.Good dude.His production skills are bananas! I wanted to give him some love on this because, he’s kinda the reason I put Hip Hop production in as a feature..At the time of writing this he’s working on a beat for me. he has my mouth watering because he’s not giving up any clues, ideas on what he’s doing for me. Dammit!! I want you to check out his site:


Now,  check out his skills:

MC: Rowlan Music

Rowlan Music

This is another cat I met on Twitter..(hmmm..I’m noticing a trend here…hmmm..wheels are spinning).This guy’s from good ol’ Massachusetts (NorthEast represent!) and his goal is to take his music and make a change in the world.Here are some stand outs:

  • Starting in his own backyard, he has the legendary Termanology featured on the track, Gun Loaded! It has epic strings and horns.Reminds me of that ol’ G Unit sound.Gangster grooves!
  • All Alone has an epic anthem sound to it.This is a big song that I can see as a radio single.
  • Oh, God (in that Big Sean ad lib voice, boyee)! The song My God sounds as if he’s being attacked by the beat. I will say , vocally he’s holding his ground while he encourages YOU to chase your dreams.
  • How The World Turn takes me back to the hay days Rocafella/Dipset  (when Dipset was rolling with the Roc!! ).A rock sounding soundscape with Rowlan bouncing through it.It even breaks down with Rowlan giving a quick Public Service Announcement! it’s like he’s taking a quick moment outside the beat, to speak truth to us, then he jumps back in! The guest vocals by Mickey Wallace are up to par, too.He comes through with jewels directed at you – then he disappears.
  • Hey Dad is a song to a father who’s missing out on the greatness of his son. seems like an ode to a mother who did her best raising that son.The strings and music at the end is fantastic!
  • Love Me starts with melodic strings and turns into another big sound. Rowlan questions the love of fake friends and family.Very emotional.I can see a video to this.

His music is insightful and packed with styles.

Give it a listen to see what I’m saying.

I love Hip Hop music in most forms, but I also listen to other forms of music. All it has to have is a good beat..and I’m good! That is the explanation I’m gonna give for having this DJ in this article/ post. He was the one to put me on to Trap music and artists like UZ. As a matter of fact he put me on to Flux Pavilion…So, I figured let me give him shine. This guy has Dj’ed out here in various parts of San Diego , as well as, Las Vegas!

Without further ado, I introduce to you:

The DJ: Mix-He-Can


Mix-He-Can! Mix-He-Can!

UDHH : How long have you been DJing?

MHC: I’ve been spinning fo the last year an half

UDHH: When do you DJ? Where?

MHC: I’ve been taking a small break since I’m working on an EP

UDHH: Who do you rep?

MHC: I represent all the PLUR family and EDM lovers all over the world.

UDHH: What’s a typical day like for you?

MHC: Wake up around 5:00am daily. That gives me a good hour to work on music before I head out to my day

job. After work is done I’m in the studio from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, definitely looking to get my first EP

out soon.

UDHH:  Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you

get them?

MHC: Absolutely!! I have a bunch of mix tapes out; you can find them on my sound cloud account.


UDHH:  What do you like about DJing?

MHC: I really enjoy being the life of the party, as a DJ and artist you control the crowed!! I love seeing fans go

crazy while you are mixing your favorite tunes and its an amazing feeling seeing the crowed react to the

famous “drop”

UDHH: What do you dislike about DJing?

MHC: People tend to think you are just pressing play and don’t recognize the hard work that goes behind

mixing. Most DJ’s are extremely talented and I think we deserve a spot to be labeled as true artist/


UDHH: What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?



UDHH:  Being a DJ, what are your opinions on the current state of Hip Hop ?

MHC: Hip hop has definitely taken a fall in the music industry but hip-hop will never loose their fan base. As

an artist your job is to please your audience and you also have to factor in the “new trend” which in

this case for hip-hop fans is TRAP. Artist like myself and many upcoming DJ’s/producers are trying to

incorporate the roots of hip-hop into a new sound all in the name of our fans. Nothing will ever be able

to replace hip-hop unfortunately.

UDHH: Who are YOUR inspirations as a DJ?

MHC: I have a long list of DJ/Producers who I admire and who inspire me but the one who really influenced me

into becoming a DJ is Diplo.

UDHH:  Any shout outs?

MHC: Moombahton lovers!!!!!

UDHH:  Do you do anything else with your time? Any other endeavors?

MHC: No, In the past year I’ve spent almost all of my free time in learning new software for my music

production and also into getting better with my DJ’ing skills.

The BBoy:

I really need to get at some BBoys..Y’all know any? Lemme know!In the meantime, I’m gonna keep finding fly BBoy battles and crews until then. This week, with the movie Battle of the Year making noise, here’s some REAL battle of the year footage:



I’ll let the art speak for itself:

Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of Gucci Mane’s Mall Confrontation Emerges!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of Gucci Mane’s Mall Confrontation Emerges!.

via Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of Gucci Mane’s Mall Confrontation Emerges!.

A Warrant Has Been Issued For The Arrest Of 17-Year-Old Rapper Cheif Keef


What is going on with ol’ boy?

Originally posted on The Urban Daily:

Chief Keef

TMZ is reporting that police in Chicago are on the look out for 17-year-old rapper Chief Keef for failing to attend a child support hearing. Keef was ordered to appear in court  on September 5th to explain why he hasn’t paid upwards of $20k in child support payments to his baby mama.

However the teen-aged rapper decided not to show up. The judge in the case issued an order for his arrest, and now if cops see him they will drag him right to the big house  and hold him until he pays roughly 1/5th of his child support debt.

Who is advising this kid?! The law is not going to continue to slap this young man on the wrist! At some point they’re going to make an example of him and it will be the adults in his life who will be the ones letting him down not the system!


View original 57 more words

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